Posted by: Melany | August 25, 2009

Lampara and Katrina

This week’s reading is from the New York Times. It is about a gentleman named Zeitoun and his experience with Hurricane Katrina.

This article is very interesting. I admit that I usually dread doing readings for university, however I found myself wanting to continue reading and I was disappointed when it finished.

The writer excellently crafts words to create beautiful imagery. The first paragraph sets the mood and my mind immediately transported to the water and I felt like I was on a boat with the men.

On moonless nights the men and boys of Jableh, a dusty fishing town on the coast of Syria, would gather their lanterns and set out in their quietest boats. Five or six small craft, two or three fishermen in each. A mile out, they would arrange the boats in a circle on the black sea, drop their nets, and, holding their lanterns over the water, they would approximate the moon.

Later, the story moves to the present time. I think that the rhythm of this story encouraged me to continue reading. The elements tied together nicely and moved on before they became dull. I will discuss my thoughts on this article a little more in my next post.


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