Posted by: Melany | September 8, 2009

Writing Techniques

I have been looking through the links on the Literary Journalism website. They have been very interesting. One webpage in particular caught my attention and I believe it will help me profusely with my ability to write leads for my articles.

This article on is about The Invisible Lead.

This is the idea that you should look for the “woah” factor in every story. This is the interesting element that you would tell your family about when you get home. You would start a story with “Hey! you’ll never guess what just happened!!” That is the Invisible Lead – a setence that automatically attracts the attention fo the person you are speaking to. The example they give is:

Now you’re ready to write the story with some energy, because when you begin this way, it’s impossible to follow with something boring like, “Suspected mass murderer Joe Blow was arraigned today”. No way. More likely the next line will be, “The man accused of massacring his family swears he didn’t do it.”

This idea makes so much sense. It makes it crucial to start with the most interesting part of the story.

I will try to do this in my articles from now on. If I start with a dull, dry or drab opening sentence, I’ll remove it and replace it with the element that strikes my interest. Assumedly, this would be interesting to the reader as well.


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