Posted by: Melany | October 7, 2009

Getting Out of a Pickle

I have been quite confused about how to structure my literary article. I had a chat with some people from class today and they have helped guide me along with some potential ideas. Nothing is set in concrete yet, but these are my dot point ideas:

♣To start with an anecdote of my own personal first experience with magic.
♠ Example: “As a three year old, my uncle consistently tried to entertain me with his magic tricks at our family functions. He had delusions that he was Houdini and I remember bawling my eyes out every time he would seemingly detach his thumb from his hand and slide it along his other fingers…”

♣ I would then start the article from the perspective of an innocent child, in a complete stage of wonder at the magic tricks performed.

♣ Next, I would write from the perspective of the teenager – representing those people who are critical and negative towards magic.

♣ Finally, I would write from the perspective of a young adult who understands that it is all an illusion, but respects the skills necessary. Here is where I would include information of neuroscience etc.

♣ These stages will be woven throughout observations from Raymond Crowe’s magic performance.

♣ Finally, to allow the story to come full-circle I will then show a magic trick to my young niece, thus passing on the wonder to the next generation of magic-lovers. Thus, demonstrating how magic spans the ages and the generations. It is a great tool to unite different groups. It has always been a fun activity in my household and is something that I want to continue into the future.
♠ Example: “Ruby smiles revealing her growing front teeth. She looks at me, slightly perplexed because I have just turned an ordinary 20 cent coin found floating in my pocket into an over-sized, shiny silver joke coin. She doesn’t quite understand what just happened, but she looked impressed and I knew my sleight of hand skills were developing. Next week I think I’ll pull a rabbit out of a hat.”

Holding my niece when she was one

Holding my niece when she was one

♣ Throughout the article I will include interesting bits of trivia to entertain the reader.

♣ I will include my observations of the interactions between people of different ages at the magic performance.

♣ I am also contemplating including the characteristics that are common in many magicians and also in myself. For example: interest in performance to express self, silly almost lame jokes and odd ways of saying things.


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