Posted by: Melany | October 14, 2009

Relaxed Rules for Literary Journalists

I am reading an academic article by Mark Kramer called Breakable Rules for Literary Journalists. In it, he lists the collection of characteristics that he believes literary journalism article predominantly posess. However, he also states that, with any artform,  these rules are likely to be skewed, sliced or ignored completely.

Immersion research is something that interests me, but is still quite foreign. Kramer (page 27) discusses the style of relationships that will be ideally created during immersion journalism research.

Kramer Page 27

Kramer Page 27

I really like the following to guideline about the voice used in literary journalism. It is interesting to note that I can write freely from my own perspective and note my own observations. I have never really experimented with writing from my own perspective before and I’m not entirely sure how this should be done. I have a tendency to make silly little jokes in casual conversation and I was curious to know how this would be received in a literary journalism context. Kramer has made me realise that I should write in a way that would be warm and interesting to people I know, but I’m not necessarily best friends with. This makes sense to me.

Kramer Page 27

Kramer Page 27

Kramer Page:29

Kramer Page:29


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